Terminal Improvements Update

The Easton Airport terminal building has been earmarked for gradual improvements and upgrades since Easton Airport Manager Micah Risher took over in 2018. One of the first big updates came pre-COVID with the renovations to the bathrooms and hallway, making those spaces more inviting and accessible. The airport offices were also relocated to the current Corkran Road location to make room for additional terminal business opportunities and storage.

This year, the terminal\’s information boards received an update. New glass covered corkboards gives the airport the ability to easily share important information without having the boards become cluttered with unsolicited notices. The main lobby walls received a fresh coat of paint and advertising posters have been replaced with a 4K digital display. This new way of marketing gives the airport and advertising customers the ability to easily change messaging as needed. The dynamic display is eye catching while keeping the walls clean and clutter free. The interface makes it easy for the airport to add additional displays in other areas of the airport in the future as needed.

New lobby signage is in production now and will go up in the coming weeks. The old brochure stand has been retired and Easton Airport is working with Talbot County Tourism & Economic Development to setup a Talbot focused information section at the beginning of 2022.

\”The terminal building is often the community\’s first and only touchpoint when visiting the airport,\” Easton Airport Manager Micah Risher said. \”We\’ve made it a goal to make these gradual improvements that enhance the community asset so we can exceed our customer\’s expectations.\”

Future updates include new vending machines, flooring, furniture, curb and sidewalk repairs, and other exterior enhancements. We will keep you posted as the projects go underway and do our best to minimize disruption to our businesses and customers.