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200+ aircraft are based at Easton Airport with 200+ operations per day on average. Our mission is to create an environment which fosters and promotes aviation enterprise.

As one of Maryland’s busiest airports, we have developed advertising options to help local businesses reach a wide audience. Our airport clients are frequent travelers, aviators, and entrepreneurs.

Browse some of our advertising options below. Contact Business & Marketing Coordinator Jeff Lankford () to develop a marketing strategy.


Easton Airport has two 4K digital advertising screens in the main terminal lobby. Each screen displays ad spots on rotation for 30 seconds at a time. The ads are repeated every 2-4 minutes meaning your ad is shown over 700 times each day. Your ad will catch the eye of airport users, restaurant patrons, and affluent business travelers. Below are a few examples of ads found on rotation in our terminal lobby.

ESN averages 200+ daily operations. The café, flight school, FBO, and BWI shuttle service operates out of the terminal seven days a week!



Easton Airport’s website averages over 3,000 views each month. Users of the website are browsing flight services, local amenities, and travel information. We can direct these users to your business offerings by advertising your services on our business directory, services listings, and general information pages. We also host information about airport events and news, another valuable way to reach the community.

Easton Airport is an attractive alternative to busy commercial airports and has all the services that business and recreational travelers desire.


Easton Airport offers space in the terminal for posting public notices which includes official airport announcements. This space is ideal for advertising aircrafts for sale, job listings, and other services offered. Brochure stands and tables are located in the public lobby for general information, regional publications, and pamphlets. We prefer to work directly with our local businesses and organizations to keep these takeaways relevant to airport users and the visitors of the Mid-Shore.

Please reach out and let us work with you to display your information. Unsolicited materials left in the terminal may be discarded.

ESN Key Amenities

  • Strategic East Coast Location
  • RWY 4-22 – 5,500  X 100
  • RWY 15-33 – 4,003 X 100
  • Control Tower (with Radar)and Class D Airspace
  • ILS Approach to RWY 4
  • No SFRA Flight Plan Required
  • TSA approved DC Gateway Airport
  • 4 Fixed Base Operators
  • Corporate Hangar Space or Build Opportunities Available
  • Terminal Café & Pilot Shop
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