Maintenance Director Jerry Foreman to Retire After 34 Years

\"JerryJerry Foreman has announced his retirement from Talbot County and Easton Airport effective December 31, 2021. It is a bittersweet announcement for Easton Airport. Our team is extremely happy for Jerry and we wish him the very best in retirement, but he will be missed by all. We took a moment to sit with Jerry to ask him a few questions about his time working at Easton Airport and Talbot County.


How many years have you worked for Talbot County and which departments did you work with?

Jerry: I have been with Talbot County for 34 years. I started with the County Roads Department as the Sign Foreman. We were responsible for every highway and roadway sign you see on Talbot County roads. I worked in that department for about 13 years and then in the early 2000s I decided to transfer to Easton Airport. It was a new opportunity for me and a change of scenery that I was interested in pursuing.

What initially attracted you to working for Talbot County and ultimately the airport?

Jerry: As I mentioned, the airport was something new for me at the time. I was interested in making the change mid-career because of the opportunity to do something different. From the beginning, I was drawn to working for Talbot County because they offered decent wages and great benefits. A good retirement package, health insurance, and things like that was something that was becoming harder to come by at the time and it still remains a big benefit to working for the County.

What were some of the best moments and accomplishments you had at the airport that you are proud of?

Jerry: (Jokingly) Not getting fired.

In all seriousness, it has been exciting to see the airport grow up and become the hub that it is now. We have more businesses at the airport now and we pump more fuel than ever before. It makes us an asset to the region. It has been a great experience working with different people and projects to make it all happen. Even if it was challenging at times, it\’s good to look back and see where we made things better for the airport.

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen at Easton Airport?

Jerry: Besides the different businesses and customers you interact with, seeing the Air Traffic Control Tower go up was probably the biggest change. It has been a big asset for the airport. Having the tower here makes things safer for everybody. It’s good for the pilots and also the maintenance crew. Our employees are safer having the tower crews here watching over us and communicating with us while we do work on the airfield.

What was your favorite part about working at Easton Airport?

Jerry: I like working with a smaller crew like we have here at the airport. Sometimes that makes it easier to get things done because it’s easier to respond to the needs that exist. We work well together and I have always liked the people I have worked with in my departments and at the airport. You get to know each other better and develop good working habits when it\’s a tight-knit group.

What are you most looking forward to in retirement?

Jerry: Getting a chance to do the things I enjoy outside of work on my own schedule. It’ll be different having more time and a flexible schedule that\’s mostly all my own. Not that I don’t enjoy the work here, but you always look forward to your own time and own interests the most.

 What will you miss the most?

Office Manager Jane Warrington chimes in from the other room: Me!?

Jerry: Yes, I’ll miss Jane. I am going to miss the daily interactions with my co-workers and airport users. We will keep in touch, but it’ll take a little time getting used to not being around all the time.

Easton Airport Manager Micah Risher had this to say about Jerry\’s tenure and retirement from Easton Airport:

I have had the privilege of working with Jerry since 2007 and I have always been impressed with his commitment to Easton Airport. Jerry has led the maintenance team through a lot of projects and growth and he has done it with a cool, calm demeanor that gets the job done. I wish him all the best for an enjoyable retirement. It’s well deserved.