Easton Airport Day – A Brief History

For several years, members of the Red Star Pilots Association had been coming to Easton Airport for their annual formation training. Their team of Yak Warbird aircraft made quite an impression in the skies over the town of Easton and led many to believe the airport was having an airshow. The ESN aviation community decided that this training event could be a great day to invite the community out to enjoy the airport.  That’s how Easton Airport Day began. The Red Star Team Formation Flyover remains the highlight of the show. With 30+ aircraft, it is rare to witness, and now one of the largest formation flyovers in the U.S.

Capt. Steve Dalton is the principal organizer of the formation training event which has served as the centerpiece of Easton Airport Day. Steve Dalton is a retired senior captain for Southwest Airlines out of BWI. Prior to his airline career, Capt. Dalton was an Air Force fighter pilot, flying F-4s and F-16s. He comes from a fighter-pilot family-his father was a marine Corsair pilot, and his son also flies for Southwest after a distinguished Air Force career flying F-16s.

Capt. Dalton organizes the mass formation event, gives the extensive briefing beforehand, and leads the flight as it tours Talbot County and prepares for the World Famous Rubber Chicken Drop before the crowd.

Steve Dalton is a resident of Talbot County and assists his wife, Kibby, in running their exercise facility in Easton, Fit For Life.

Hunter H. Harris approached Easton Airport Manager Mike Henry soon after the second year of the Red Star Formation clinic with a suggestion. Why not make the Saturday of this annual Formation Clinic an ‘Open House’ for the airport and invite the local population out to the airport? Mike was quick to agree with the idea, and several other people jumped in to help make Easton Airport Day the success we see today. Hunter introduced the ‘Jet Pull Competition’ and continues to help keep programs active along with general responsibilities during the day.

Hunter is a Commercial Pilot licensed in all categories, a Flight Instructor and Aircraft Mechanic. He spent many years flying big airships (blimps) all over the USA covering major sporting events and looking for buried treasure.

Hunter moved back home to the shore in the mid 90’s where he offered open cockpit Biplane Rides from the Easton Airport. He also flew seaplanes, various airplanes and an occasional blimp. For the past 20 years Hunter has owned and operated Aloft Aerial Photography operating two airplanes from the Easton Airport.

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