IOC to add the Rubber Chicken Drop to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has voted to add the World-Famous Rubber Chicken Drop Contest to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. The contest rose to prominence as one of the marquee events of Easton Airport Day, a free community event entering its 13th year in 2022. The uniquely Eastern Shore competition is now set to take the grand stage and live up to its ‘World-Famous’ moniker.

The historic vote was the culmination of a comprehensive process to diversify and energize the Olympic Games. The Rubber Chicken Drop Contest was a surprise nominee, but once the IOC saw footage of the thrilling drops from previous Easton Airport Day events, they knew they needed to incorporate the sport.

The addition of the contest to the Paris games has sent shockwaves through the sporting world. Most athletes are excited to see the event join other Olympic sports, but some have raised concerns. Preliminary plans call for staging the competition at a nearby Paris airfield, which has some of the competitors in a tizzy.

“We have launched the chickens at Easton Airport for over a decade now,” a Chicken Drop pilot said. “We are extremely familiar with Eastern Shore airspace. I hope the committee gives us adequate time to practice and provides us with professional help converting all of our precise calculations to their metric system over there.”

Rubber Chicken Drop Avionic Specialists prepping a plane for a the competition. They share the pilots concerns over ditching the ‘superior’ imperial system of measurements for calculations.

IOC officials are also working to strike a deal with Captain Peeps, the official Chicken Drop spokeschicken and event mascot. Captain Peeps is applying for a special waver to help him get through customs once he arrives in Paris.

Captain Peeps declined to comment directly on the pending waver and possible legal battle, but a representative for Mr. Peeps expressed their deep concern over the captain being classified as “animal product” that “exceeds the allowable limit” according to EU customs.

“Captain Peeps shouldn’t be ridiculed like this,” attorney Sue N. Moore said. “He is a decorated pilot and, frankly, a little sensitive about his weight.”

Captain Peeps, with his adoring fans, vows to win this legal challenge.

Discussions on incorporating the Rubber Chicken Drop into the schedule for the Olympic Games in Paris are ongoing. Officials are optimistic any issues will be resolved. Adding sports in the past have worked out despite any pre-games misgivings. Finding suitable accommodations for the pilot athletes may become a more pressing issue.

“We expected an increase in pilot signups once news got out,” Head of Rubber Chicken Aerodynamics and Streamer Technologies F. Leghorn said. “But we underestimated how excited the pilots would be for the games until we realized they did research into the Olympic Village. We think reserving a modest Motel 6 might work best for everyone involved.”

Logistics aside, the IOC is already thrilled to see the public’s initial reacts to the news.

“I’m still not exactly sure what a Rubber Chicken Drop is, to be honest,” IOC President of Wacky Competitions April Foolsington said. “Nonetheless, the kids say it ‘slaps’ and that it is ‘lit’ watching the pilots ‘yeet’ those chicken. We can’t wait!”

At this point, it should go without saying but… April Fools! In all seriousness, the Easton Airport Day 2022 committee is excited to announce that the 13th annual Easton Airport Day will be held on Saturday, October 8, 2022. Save the date and stay tuned for more details in the coming months!