Easton Airport Airfield Modernization Program Update

The first phase of the Easton Airport Airfield Modernization Program has made significant progress to date. Security and Containment fencing has been constructed around the former Talbot County Business Center and the installation of construction fabric will be coming soon. Pavement and parking lot removal is also nearing completion at the site. The materials removed were crushed on site and will be repurposed in the construction of access roads within the airport premises this spring. Sections of the business center have been decommissioned and assets are being removed in preparation for building demolition coming in phase two. Every effort is being taken to recycle, reuse and repurpose as much of the building material as possible. We remind the public that the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office is open during construction.

Current work being completed this month focuses on improving airfield drainage with the creation of new wetlands, stream relocation, and new culverts. Runway closures have begun with Runway 4/22 closed – March 11th until April 9th, effective from Monday at 0900L until Friday at 0900L. The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is out of service until April 9th. Pilots are reminded to check NOTAMs before flying.

All of these efforts mark crucial steps in modernizing the infrastructure and enhancing safety of the Easton Airport. Visit www.eastonairport.com/projects for more information including FAQs

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