Aviation Career Education Program Update

Now that we are all beginning to get back to normal and things have opened up post-pandemic, Easton Airport management aims to breath some life back into the Aviation Career Education (ACE) Program, which saw success when it was launched in 2019.

The purpose of Easton Airport’s ACE Program is to provide students the opportunity to explore careers in the aerospace industry. The program introduces kids to a variety of aviation related fields and provides resources and support to help them pursue a career.

The ACE Hangar recently reopened and is back to normal operation. The hangar hosts Civil Air Patrol’s weekly meeting, seasonal tours of the airport begin at the hangar with a look at the airport’s history and progress, and the flight simulator is starting to get some use as well.

Easton Airport Day is scheduled for September 25th this year and we are planning big things! Currently, the event’s committee is trying to secure a sponsor for the ACE Tent that would allow us to provide a $5,000 scholarship program to get kids flying.

To really make the ACE Program soar again, and to have a great presence at Easton Airport Day, we could use some help from our community:

  1. We need new (or renewing) ACE Committee Members to come forward to help us mobilize. ACE Committee Members typically come from the aviation community or are folks that are part of the school system or youth clubs that have student outreach capabilities.
  2. Help spread the word that we are soliciting aviation professionals to staff the ACE Tent on Easton Airport Day to discuss careers with young folks.

We really want to showcase aviation careers this year and show kids the pathways that exist right in their own backyard. If you are interested in participating, or have any questions or ideas, please contact us:

Micah Risher, Airport Manager (mrisher@talbgov.org)
Jeff Lankford, ESN Business & Marketing Coordinator (jlankford@talbgov.org)
Main Office Phone: 410-770-8055


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