The ACE Passport Program is our way to incentivize local students to expand their knowledge of aviation by providing structured activities with aviation professionals at Easton Airport. Throughout the spring and summer, students will be invited to hands-on demos, airport tours, and other activities designed to spark an interest in aviation. 

By the end of the program, participants will be able to submit a brief essay telling us about their ACE experiences, what they learned, and how they would like to further their aviation education. A committee will review the student applications and award an introductory flight-training scholarship!


Opportunities for students to engage with pilots, mechanics, business owners, and aviation experts are always popping up at Easton Airport. The ACE Passport Program is our way to encourage students to participate as often as possible with the incentive of flying with a certified flight instructor at the end of the season. 

Some activities are scheduled by our committee well in advance while others may occur with shorter notice. The ACE Passport program and mailing list will allow us to communicate these opportunities to registered participants, giving you multiple chances to join us and explore aviation at Easton Airport.

Every time a student takes part in a passport event or activity, we will log their participation for our records. Upon completion of the Passport Program, participants will be awarded an ACE scholarships and earn their discovery flight with a certified trainer. It really is that simple!


We will share information and schedules of events and activities through the ACE Program mailing list. Sign up here.

Newsletter communications, social media posts, and website updates will let you know how students can register/attend and what they will need to do in order to earn credit for completing each passport activity. 

Most activities will be in-person, some virtual, and other could be a mix of both. We may also provide self-paced learning activities for students to do from home.

Passport programming will be scheduled throughout the spring and summer of 2023. Scholarships will be awarded toward the end of the summer. For more questions, see our FAQ at the bottom of the page or contact us here.


We understand that an interest in aviation is sparked at different times. This program is geared towards teenagers and young adults (high school to college, 15-22 years old). Students should be under 6′ 2″ and 250 lbs. to be comfortable flying in the type of planes used to train. Younger students may qualify, but they will require a parent or guardian to fly with them during the discovery flight. Students and parents can sign up for our newsletter above to stay informed.

Our program has received a number of donations from community partners and sponsors. We aim to get every student that participates in the passport program an introductory flight with our certified fight trainers. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on how far our funds will go towards paying for the lessons. We anticipate a dozen or more students each year and students that do not earn a flight this year can participate again in following years.

There is no set criteria or number of activities or events you will be asked to join. Our list of events will greatly depend on our pilot and volunteer schedules and the ability of our business partners to open to the public for tours and other engagement activities. Regardless, we make it our goal to provide fun and safe learning opportunities and communicate them to you via newsletter.

Students will fly with one of our licensed flight training businesses here at Easton Airport. These businesses and pilots are FAA certified flight instructors with years of experience. Students will ride with the trainers, fly over Talbot County, receive basic instructions, and be able to see firsthand what it’s like to operate an aircraft.

Absolutely! There are plenty of aviation careers that do not require a student to become a pilot. You can participate in every activity even if you choose to not fly at all or want to fly with an instructor just for the experience.

Contact Easton Airport Business & Marketing Coordinator Jeff Lankford for more info:

410-770-8055 |

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