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What Does The Easton Newnam Field Mean To You?

Aviation Hub:

Our airport supports all types of general aviation activity including flight instruction, aircraft rental and sales, aerial photography, avionics service, and maintenance. The 214 based aircraft at Easton Airport are primarily single-engine aircraft, numerous multi-engine, jet aircraft, and one helicopter.


Our airport is the community’s access point to both ground and air transportation. At Easton Airport, travelers simplify the commute to BWI using Bayrunner Shuttle van services, not to mention convenient free parking. For others, it’s a gateway to the world with the option of two charter aircraft companies; East Coast Flight and Easton Aviation.


Our airport is a vital part of the local economy. In addition to it’s many associated off-site businesses, it is home to an industrial park, and lies adjacent to a business center on Technology Drive. In 2017, the business revenue generated by the airport was 48,506,000.

Crisis Relief:

The Maryland State Police base one of their helicopters at Easton. Trooper 6 provides emergency medical service, search and rescue, and law enforcement services.

Emergency Transport:

In addition, the emergency Medical Services Division for Talbot County operates five Advanced Life Support units out of the airport providing the community with invaluable access to advanced medical treatment for medical emergencies such as trauma, heart attacks and rapid transport to world-class hospitals.

Aviation Careers:

With two excellent flight schools on-site, including Trident Aircraft and Easton Aviation, the opportunity to start training for a career in aviation is at your doorstep.

Tax Revenues:

Easton Airport is a self sufficient community asset and does not require any county tax support. In fact, it generates $6,667,000 in state and local taxes.

Job Growth:

Approximately $25,914,000 in personal income is generated by Easton Airport. This means revenue for all other types of local businesses. Easton Airports provides 494 jobs to the community.
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