With ESN’s proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, and being responsible for the largest green space in the county, every effort is made to be a good environmental neighbor.  Our environmental management steps taken to protect our waterways include: construction of two spill-containment fuel truck parking areas, a double spill-containment fuel farm, the south apron stormwater system which feeds into a 20,000 gallon oil-water separator before flowing through a mile of swales and three sediment basins before leaving the airport.

Prior to any construction, the airport conducts an Environmental Assessment to determine any significant effects on our area’s environmental resources once the project is complete. This process also reveals whether any negative affects may occur during the construction process in order to eliminate any potential damage.

Through the Fly Neighborly program,  noise abatement procedures have been published to minimize flights over the Town of Easton.

Rules and Regulations