Airfield Modernization Program Update – 12/20/23

During the December 20, 2023 Easton Airport Advisory Board meeting, Easton Airport Manager Micah Risher provided the public a detailed update on the Easton Airport Airfield Modernization Program. The presentation was recorded to preserve that portion of the meeting for further public review.

Mr. Risher reviews the work done to date, the expected schedule, operational impacts, and public awareness. Frequently asked questions with answers are available for review at

The video is approximately 17 minutes long. Two questions from the room that are difficult to hear in the recording:

1) Are the newly installed hydrants metered? Yes.
2) Will the powered flight program return in 2024 and if so, how will this impact flight training? This answer is covered in detail starting at the 13:45 mark.

A PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

The 2024 Easton Airport operational impact schedule can be found here.

While we are pleased to make this presentation available for the public to review, we understand that it sometimes contains technical information that is not always easy to understand. Please direct any questions to Easton Airport Manager Micah Risher at .

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