ACE – Aviation Career Education

Easton Airport is one of the busiest General Aviation airports in the State of Maryland. The airport has been financially self-sufficient since 1993 and is poised for smart, well balanced growth. Recognizing that aviation careers are understaffed nationwide, airport management has taken proactive measures to introduce aviation to the youth of the midshore. Aviation careers are highly technical, some require little or no college, and they are in high demand throughout our region. Aviation trades can be classified as “Blue Collar STEM” jobs.

The purpose of the Aviation Career Education (ACE) Program is to provide students the opportunity to explore careers in the aerospace industry. The program introduces students to a variety of aviation related career paths and also provides resources and support to help them pursue a career in the aerospace industry. The program will promote interest in aviation careers by teaching safe operating principles, using leading edge technology and committing to the future of aviation in Talbot County. 

Our ACE Program is supported by donations.  Our non-profit partner is The Mid-Shore Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN: 52-1782373).

When donating, please be sure to specify Aviation Career Education Fund  because there are multiple ACE funds at Mid-Shore Community Foundation.



Please make payable to: Aviation Career Education Fund

and mail to:
Mid-Shore Community Foundation
The Bullitt House
102 E. Dover St.
Easton, MD 21601