5 Tips for a Great Easton Airport Day Experience!

1) Comfort is Key

You can expect tons of fun on October 8 at Easton Airport Day, sponsored by Scott & Tracy Wagner. That can also mean a long day at the community airport and lots of time outside. Make sure you dress appropriately. Protect yourself from the sun and remember that there is always a breeze at the airport. Sunscreen, walking shoes, hats, comfortable clothes, and maybe even a windbreaker are your best friends.

Make sure the kids have everything they need too. There is limited shade and lots of ground to cover if you are going to see it all. A stroller with shade is appropriate, but it must stay with you at all times. You can bring a chair and setup your own seating in a grassy area outside active zones. Consider ear protection if you are sensitive to loud noises.

Whatever you bring, please make sure it stays secured and be careful maneuvering around the crowds and aircraft.

2) Grab a Map and Know the Schedule

Event maps and schedules will be available at the entrance gate. We recommend you grab one and mark where you parked on the map and in your phone. You can also click here for an advanced look at the event schedule and map.

Use the map to find your way around the airport, it makes it easy to locate bathrooms, food vendors, displays, and the ACE Tent, sponsored by Sundance Kitchen, Bath & Exteriors. The schedule will help you stay organized and know when to see things like the opening of the “Warbird” display, formation flyovers, and the Rubber Chicken Drop Contest, sponsored by Bluepoint Hospitality. Any changes to the schedule will be announced at the ACE Tent’s via public announcements.

Keep your head on a swivel when you are on the airfield. Rope lines are used to keep the public away from moving aircraft. They are there for your safety, so stay behind them at all times. Some areas are restricted but open to the public at specific times. When we need to close those areas again, please listen to our event staff and move out quickly, safely, and in an orderly fashion.

3) Arrive Early

This year, we have asked all participating planes to fly in earlier so we can open the main gate to the public around 9:15 a.m. for early access to the terminal ramp displays. There are many free parking spots at Easton Airport for the event, but parking is not unlimited and can fill quickly. Come early to avoid the congestion on Airport Road and snag a space in our lots:

• All parking at the terminal building is reserved for handicapped parking only.
• General parking is in the field adjacent to the terminal building off Airport Road and behind the Hangars on Corkran Road.
• Traffic coming to the airport via Route 50 will be directed to the lots adjacent to the terminal.
• Traffic coming to the airport via Goldsborough Neck Road will be directed to the lots on Corkran Road.

There will be parking attendants on site as early as 7:30 a.m. to guide vendors, traffic, and attendees. There are no shuttles from the parking lots. Please follow all posted signs to get around safely and keep in mind that hangars are not open to the public. Opening Ceremonies are at 9:45 a.m. and all gates and ramps are open by 10 a.m.

4) Bring Your Appetite and Some Cash

After doing all that walking and exploring, you will definitely want to chow down and grab a cold beverage. Easton Airport Day will feature a bunch of great food options that you are going to love.

Please bring cash! Some of our vendors will accept credit cards but others may not. There is no ATM at the Easton Airport.

Drop by the ACE Tent, sponsored by Sundance Kitchen, Bath & Exteriors for ice cold water, sodas, raffles, and merchandise available that supports Easton Airport’s Aviation Career Education Program.

5) Follow @EastonAirport

Tons of planning goes into Easton Airport Day, but last minute changes might occur. The best way to stay up-to-date a few days prior to the event is to follow us @EastonAirport on Facebook and Instagram. Our team will post schedule changes, parking updates, info, and more. Bookmark www.EastonAirportDay.com for quick access to online maps, schedules, and information.

BONUS: By following us on social media, you are plugged in for future event announcements and happenings at Easton Airport. All your friends will be jealous of your newfound aviation knowledge!

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